About Us
We care about animals
Jelly's Place was founded in 2017 to be an advocate for the lives and dignity of urban animals who are homeless, abandoned, impounded, sick, or injured, by providing responsible care, placement, and community education with the commitment to the No-Kill philosophy. Its founder, Julie Bainbridge, has been rescuing and fostering animals since childhood. She has rescued, fostered, and /or raised all kinds of animals, including baby squirrels, racoons, pigeons, chickens, geese,  ducks, opossums,  skunks (yes- skunks), wild and tropical birds, pigmy goats, mice, snakes, rabbits, dogs, and cats.

Animals are cared for by volunteers in their homes and at our shelter located in San Pablo.
 Jelly's Place is named in memory of her beloved English Bulldog who crossed over the Rainbow bridge in 2016.
Jelly's Place depends on donations and grants, and volunteers to foster and care for animals. Your donations are tax-deductible. 
Jelly the bulldog inspiration for Jelly's Place and mission statement

1/2009 -4/2016

Sunday - 11am-5pm
Monday- CLOSED
Tuesday- CLOSED
Wednesday- 11am-5pm
Thursday- 11am-5pm
Friday- 11am-5pm
Saturday- 11am-5pm